FIX: OSX Citrix Receiver Keyboard showing incorrect characters

Citrix OSX keyboard issue

If you are using the Citrix Receiver/Viewer to connect from your Apple OSX device to a virtual Microsoft Windows desktop you might run into trouble with the keyboard layout. So for example if type the number 5 it will show % and the letter y will become p instead (etc..), quite annoying but luckily easy to solve!


1. Exit and close the Citrix Viewer application;

2. Open Finder and from the menu select: [Go] > [Go to Folder] (shift+command+G);

3. Enter location: ~/Library/Application Support/Citrix Receiver and click [Go];

4. The Citrix Receiver folder will open showing the following content:

5. Open the file: Config with the TextEdit application;

6. change: KeyboardLayout=(User Profile) into KeyboardLayout=US-International and save your changes.



  1. Thank you so much! I have been struggling with my question marks, apostrophes, and other weird characters for months. I uninstalled and reinstalled Citrix lots of times and our IT department just kept shrugging their shoulders. I found this and it works once again.

  2. My Mac doesn’t seem to find this location~/Library/Application Support/Citrix Receiver so this isn’t working for me. Its so frustrating!

  3. Thank you Normen! Finally a solution that works and continues to work!! Like Jesse, I have been dealing with this issue that suddenly started happening intermittently to then being a constant issue which was frustrating and unproductive. To get around it I had to launch my virtual keyboard! Thank you for sharing this simple fix!

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